Caveat Emptor!


How safe is lead-free pottery? Not very safe says FDA"

The Food and Drug Administration, FDA, has received several reports from local and state agencies that traditional pottery from several manufacturers in Mexico labeled as “lead free” in fact contain levels of extractable lead comparable to levels that may be found in lead-glazed pottery. 


The FDA suggests the following:

  • Check the pottery if it appears to be handmade and has a crude appearance or irregular shape
  • Is it damaged or excessively worn?
  • If it is brightly decorated in orange, red, or yellow colors – it may be intended for decoration only and not for use to serve food
  • If you have pottery that fits any of these descriptions or are concerned of its safety, there are lead-testing kits sold in hardware stores and online.
  • Do not use the pottery if you cannot determine its safety
  • For questions and answers on lead-glazed traditional pottery, please go to FDA's website.
Read the full article by Nancy Zielinski, Grand Rapids Public Health Examiner, here

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