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Farmington Hills Local Global Ceramic Artist John Glick…

December 27, 2010
At Franciscan Pottery, I like to keep my eyes open for articles like this one; just wish I had caught it sooner!

Farmington Hills, Michigan's John Glick has a passion for pottery… 

"'To mold and shape a thing that is real, such as I do, is exciting,' said Glick.  "I like the immediacy and the changeability of ceramics.  I like to see what happens from a spark of an idea that then becomes a tangible object.'

''I'm encouraged by being in the presence of others' creativity," Glick said.  "It's as if I'm surrounded by fellow travelers doing their own examination of ideas.'

"Each year, Glick selects an artist-in-residence, not only to teach the young men or women, but to learn from them as well.  This year's artist, Brett Gray of Lake Orion, began working at Plum Tree Pottery in September."

Please read the full article by Karla Dorweiler here and learn more about John Glick and Plum Tree Pottery.